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panfandom dressing room

introductions, discussings and crack

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Created on 2016-09-04 04:02:08 (#2544512), last updated 2016-09-04 (55 weeks ago)

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Name:introductions and discussions
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Evil never dies
Welcome to Evairlast. It's a panfandom dressing room, centered around survival horror games such as Parasite Eve, Resident Evil and Silent Hill. We only have a few rules here: no discrimination, be polite. AUs, game transplants and all else belong here. Prose and Brackets are both welcome. Original Characters welcome.

We have [community profile] evairlastchat, which can be used for plot discussion, introductions, and just about anything else.

We have [community profile] evairlastplay, as the main hub for all play. Rather it be logs, threads or some kind of chat post/letters between characters.

There are several ways you can play here: your character comes from their universe, ends up in Raccoon City in the throes of it's zombie apocalypse. Your character has always been a part of the universe. Your character is further the future, with other Resident Evil scenarios that have happened or have entirely new scenarios to the fandom.

Then you have Silent Hill, which can be played on the guilt complex, or the god spreading evil. You can play it as your character has always been in the town, was transported there from their universe or they can't even leave. It's also acknowledged that you can play them in the normal town in the day and at night the world shifts. The possibilities are there.

For Parasite Eve: maybe your character has the eve abilities. Maybe they were there for Aya's stories. Maybe they have an entirely different plot.

There's also the option I've always loved and played once upon a time, mixing all three of these together for a fun filled time. It's way cooler than it sounds.

Now, it's up to you rather or not the scenes you create here are a continuing plotline, or one shots.

To acknowledge, there is nothing in the mod journal. It's simply here to serve as a purpose to mod the community when necessary, especially if people aren't following the simple guidelines. Feel free to send a PM or hit up bloody.freckles on skype to get in contact with me if you need help with something.

While the dressing room aspect will never change, I may in the future ask player opinions for random plots for everyone to join in. This way we can keep things fresh and fun.

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