first post!

Hey! I'm Tiger, but you can also call me Freckles. I created Evairlast because I love all things horror and playing characters in such settings. I also enjoy watching as characters from other fandoms floundering about as they figure out things out for themselves in the brave new worlds.

The characters I'll be bringing in are: Claire Redfield (Post Degeneration), Seifer Almasy (Post Final Fantasy VIII), Axel (After his death in Kingdom Hearts 2 since I never played Dream Drop Distance). Possible characters for me are Cloud Strife, Zack Fair (both Final Fantasy VII) Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil), Alex Shepherd (Silent Hill), My OC game transplant Jean-Marie who turned out to be tuxedo mask in a past life in a Sailormoon game. (probably not, I think he'd shit himself here.) idk, I've got some I'd like to play but we'll see how it goes.

I've also got a plot in mind that I'd love to play out with a couple people, involving all three survival horror fandoms. Completely random and made up while sticking to the worlds, but we'll be playing it by ear. It'd be a continuation but I'm always down for one-shots too.

Anyway, that's enough about me. You can catch me on skype most days during the evenings, late at night and sometimes afternoon @ bloody.freckles :: I also have an aim which is bloodyfreckles but you'll have to poke me to get on there. I'd give out my e-mail but I've been hacked in the past and I'm way too attached to my current e-mail to even consider losing it. Okay, I must stop this rambling! It's also possible to just pm the mod journal or any of my character journals you might see.